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Well I fixed some issues….

Got rid of the shadow completely. I didn’t like it….

Made it moveable up and down the wall.

But it still doesnt sit flush with the wall… and I noticed now that the colors are really dark for some reason… I’ll see if I can fix that.

For now I have to go to class. Ciao!

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Well I got them in game. There are a few things I need to fix.

  1. they aren’t flush against the wall
  2. Shadow is a rectangle (whoops lol)
  3. Can’t move up and down (because of the mirror I cloned, I think.)
  4. May make a smaller one as well.
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great. Now it won’t show up in game. I’ve never had this issue before. FRICK

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~casually opens up own meshing tutorial~

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ah yes the fun game of “why the fuck does my mesh look like this in tsrw?”

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Live mode Let’s Play hosted by Argus Hulin and Ryan Vaughan.  It’s absolutely nothing we haven’t seen before; namely bugs. Or at least that’s all I could see.  

  • The pie menus are extensive with lots of options depending on your mood, skills and personality.  (Needlessly cluttered is how I’d describe them.)
  • Excellent quality food sparkles.
  • Wall decorations like curtains and shelves block at least some floor objects from being placed — the move objects on cheat was not available.
  • Requests for hanging out on the monkey bars, the voodoo doll and cowplant all couldn’t be shown because Sims didn’t have the needed skills.
  • Plates just vanish.


  • The clipping is insane — the Sim gets up from the couch and walks right through it.  They walk through fences, the playground equipment, fighting Sims, you name it and they go through it. Sims will even sit down on top of another Sim.
  • Jogging Sims for no reason.
  • Lots of sitting down, getting up and sitting back down during conversations.  They constantly reposition themselves, again, for no apparent reason.
  • Sims got into a fight and another Sim walked right through them.  No one gathered around the fighting Sims, took notice or reacted in anyway.

Someone who’s more enthusiastic for The Sims 4 might take away something different from the broadcast.  The Sims Team should make a replay available on their channel shortly so you can judge for yourself.   (I recorded it but my Youtube account is not in good standing so I can’t upload longer videos — sorry!)

Source: Twitch TV

Honeywell’s Sims 4 News | TS4 Livestream

They haven’t fixed anything and the game comes out in 5 days!

lol what a terrible game, EA trolling its clients, what a surprise…

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