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maekip replied to your post: Two throwback thursdays for the price …

once you dork, you dork forever.

true fact

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I just remembered Ian’s mom made him take off his glasses for that picture XD

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Two throwback thursdays for the price of one. Heh.

I can’t play sims so meh, here you go.

First one is 2002, me, age 9. And the second one is from the far back year of 2010. It’s me leaving for my first ever “date”: Homecoming with Ian. Yeah Yeah, I was 17 on my first date. No one laugh. God Ian looks like such a dork here. I assure you, we’ve both gotten way hotter.

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Things I want to do

  • play sims
  • play mass effect
  • play other game (that i’m all secretive about)
  • draw
  • write
  • read
  • skype with boyfriend

Things I have to do

  • Write Child development paper
  • Write Financial Fiction Paper
  • Finish reading My Tender Matador
  • Write Literary Booms paper
  • Write Ancient Literature paper
  • Write American film paper
  • Study for exams
  • Cry
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I don’t usually share stuff from this save but LOOK HOW CUTE THIS BABY IS.

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Okay this is what the lamp looks like right now. The top is when it is off, the middle 3 are (dim, normal, bright) and the last one is with green light.

What do you guys think?

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