in case you guys wonder what I’m doing (and don’t follow my personal) I’m working at a day camp all week and by the time I get home I am too exhausted to sim.

Plus, tomorrow is stay-over night, which is way cooler when you’re a camper than when you’re a leader.

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Presenting the Alice Daybed for your tots. A little something something if you want a little old fashioned bed, but don’t want it too old fashioned for your lil babes to go to dreamland in. For V1 there are three channels (sheets+matress, frame, blanket) and for V2 just the two. There are also two presets both seen above and are available for just 100 simoleons.


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installing Spoooooooooore! So glad to finally have it digitally. Discs are so lame. (or maybe I just lose things too easily)

now… are there mods for SPore?

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As Gala sat outside the new house on the swingset, admiring the view from their back yard. Lucky Palms really was a beautiful town. Hopefully it would be enough to get her mind off of Ellis….

and, increasingly, Lane.

Kitchen and Dining room, done!

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The upstairs living room!

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Anonymous asked: Nereid is so cute! She like a little button!

Isn’t she though?!?! As soon as she hits YA I’m putting her up for download!

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