Oh, memories.

This looks A LOT like how they’re advertising Sims 4 building. Maybe it won’t be as good as people think it’ll be.

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Gala was getting better.

Being so far away from Isla Paradisa dimmed her awful memories. Lane talked to her on the phone almost every day, and they texted nearly non-stop.

She had a therapist who she went to every now and again. Sometimes they would just go out to get coffee together and talk, no need for a stuffy formal environment.

She was writing again, at the behest of her shrink. Feeling the words flow out of her felt so good. It reminded her of who she was before she fell for Ellis.

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um but

is there a way to make the stupid sim babies need less social interaction? Because I’m getting real sick of them needing a hug every hour. (even though it’s super realistic lol)

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edit: not sure why my description wasn’t posted. Anyway, this is Max and Casey. Max is a boy made on the sims 4 female body, and Casey is a girl made on the sims 4 male body.

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Got the demo!

Made simselves of myself, my boyfriend, and my brother (from left to right)

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so I still haven’t got the demo :/

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