Alien sisters, Eolm and Delf Dolfie. They’re part of my “Mission: Roaring Heights” Soon all of Roaring heights will be alien-ified!

They’re all part of the same race…

Common features:

  • Overall humanoid
  • Cool colored skin (light<->dark, green<->purple)
  • Six eyes
  • Pointy ears
  • Blue blood (seen in the tips of their ears/blush/etc)
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Alien girl, testing out my new “six eyes” makeup. I dunno. Not sure if I like the eyes quite yet. They don’t look realistic enough for me. What do you guys think.

Also, ME3 Jack’s hair! OMG! I LOVE IT!

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thank you so much, murfeelee!

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okay maybe lets see if I can do makeup stuff


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erg i wanna make something for my alien sims but….. makeup is not my forte…. ERG.

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wanna make some aliens. Can anyone point me towards some alien cc?

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Time for more matte maxis matchy sims 3 skins! 

This one uses livelovepixels's SkinnyBurntCreatureWaffles as a base, I blended some abdominal areas from my other nnnilou blend. You can have a look at the body textures here and in-game here

I also blended a lovely nosemask from one of brntwaffles sets onto this skin as well as lids from Joedy’s Party Poison~ (and lips from moonskin93) All in all a pretty, matte skin that has some nose definition already, which frees up a blush slot. I personally always use nose blush/shaders so this was really just made for that reason.

The face png can be viewed here



ps. I have freckled, alien, zombie, and monolid variants of this planned as well, what would you all make of that?

:’D the most beautiful skin EVER.

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